Sims 4

1st Generation, Chapter 3: Birthdays

Maya and Juliette are now toddlers! The first thing Lindsey and Jay did was changed the twins’ nursery into an actual bedroom with a bunch of toys for the girls to play and learn with. Since they were now broke after spending money on all the new kids stuff, Lindsey dove into painting some art for quick cash. After completing a couple paintings, she went to the park to play some chess since apparently she wasn’t smart enough to get promoted at her job. They also couldn’t afford to buy a chess table yet, and it’s good for Lindsey to get out every once in awhile to face her fear of socializing. When she got done raising her logic, someone else was just finishing up grilling some tofu dogs! Lindsey had to go grab one. I think they are her favorite food, as well as everyone else in the world.

When she got home from the park, Jay started potty training Juliette while Maya babbled at her stuffed unicorn. Lindsey’s brain hurt from all the chess she had to play that she went straight to bed. It was time for the twins and Jay to go to sleep as well after some potty training. Juliette woke up in the middle of the night due to nightmares and passed the time by stacking some blocks. After calming down, she went back to sleep.

When Lindsey woke up, she spent the majority of the day writing poetry and even dabbling a little bit in writing a screenplay. The next day was a good learning day for the twins. Lindsey spent time with each of the girls and taught them valuable lesson about saying sorry and teaching them how to say please and thank you. Since Jay dreamed of one day becoming an esports pro, he spent some time playing video games with online friends. Since both Lindsey’s and Jay’s jobs involved use of a computer, they were basically fighting over who got to use the computer. Talks about getting a second computer began.

The next day the Finch family got their house renovated again! Their tiny house now had space for an actual kitchen with tons of counter space and a dining table. Before, they only had a small table with one chair so meals were often spent in front of the TV. But since the kids were growing up, they figured it was time to start having meals as a family at a table. Now with this extra room in the living area, Lindsey decided to buy a chess table for home. No more going to the park! Her inner loner was ecstatic. She now had less reasons to leave the house. It also happened to be Lindsey’s birthday so Jay made her a chocolate cake to surprise her with when she got home from work. He even put candles on the cake. Unfortunately everyone was asleep when she got home and so she blew out the candles while being alone. She didn’t really mind though. She struggled with blowing the candles out and would have been embarrassed if others had seen. Lindsey was now an adult!

Jay felt bad about sleeping through Lindsey’s birthday so he went out and bought a new computer. They now had two computers! Lindsey would be able to write her poetry in peace while Jay practiced his programming and hacking into rich people’s bank accounts!

The twins’ birthday was also coming up and so Lindsey made them a Hamburger cake to celebrate. After receiving help from mom with blowing out the candles, Maya and Juliette are now kids! Lindsey and Jay were really about to have their hands full with these two. Maya wanted to be the Whiz Kid of her class while also having the itch to steal everything in her path. Juliette wanted to be a social butterfly, but she was going to have some trouble with making friends when she possessed the Mean trait. How are these traits going to affect their childhoods? Would Lindsey and Jay be able to handle kleptos and mean children? Stay tuned to find out!

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