Sims 4

1st Generation, Chapter 4: Book Thief

Maya and Juliette had just aged up to children and the family celebrating by eating pieces of the hamburger cake that Lindsey made. Although Lindsey’s heart was full from seeing her twins growing up so quickly, she was also kind of nervous about the monsters she had created. The twins were definitely out for some blood and Lindsey was worried about getting a call from the school principal about the trouble these two will get into. As a birthday present for the twins, they each got their own big girl beds! That’s it. Lindsey and Jay didn’t think they needed to be spoiled with more toys since they were already rotten. So instead, they renovated their home once again! They figured since the family had 4 people and only one bathroom, it was time to build a master bathroom. Or at least start on it. They only had enough money to build the room and install a toilet. That’s what was important anyway.

Lindsey and Jay decided that they wanted to be able to eventually show their legacy to the world and since Lindsey had been dabbling in painting, she decided to paint a portrait of Jay just to see how it would go. She learned that she definitely needs some more practice. They eventually wanted to have a mausoleum on their property to house the dead heirs accompanied with his or her portrait. So now Jay had to start working on his painting so that he could paint a portrait of Lindsey.

Lindsey had been putting on some pounds from stress eating taking care of the twins. She decided that she was going to make a change and live a healthier lifestyle. She started to run on the treadmill daily and only eating 3 cookies instead of 5. It was a start.

She also started to get her royalties from her poetry books in and further renovated the master bathroom. It now had a 2 sink full counter display and a jacuzzi bathtub to take mud baths in. Jay would take advantage of that later. But what he didn’t realize is that mud baths don’t make you any cleaner, and so he had to take a shower afterwards anyway. Never again would he make that mistake. The bathroom turned out pretty nice though.

Even though the twins were complete brats, Lindsey made sure that they did their homework each and every day right when they got home from school. “You’re hungry? You need to pee? You are about to pass out? Too bad, do your homework first!” She didn’t want them living at home forever (little did Lindsey actually know).

In the kids’ spare time, they liked to tone their skills. Juliette enjoyed playing her violin, even though she wasn’t very good at it and it gave Jay immediate headaches. And Maya enjoyed playing chess. Lindsey would even sometimes join her. Kill two birds with one stone right?

One day after school, Lindsey noticed multiple books stuffed inside of Maya’s book bag. They all had a stamp stating that they belonged to the school library. Maya fessed up that she couldn’t help herself. She just had to swipe them! Lindsey thought “well, at least it’s something educational that she’s taking,” and that was the end of it. Maya would continue to swipe books from the library and fill their bookcase at home.

After writing some more poetry and making paintings, another renovation was done to the home. This time, the twins’ room was made bigger to fit an art table. They also bought an experiment table but decided that it should stay outside for now since it could cause a fire. Fire damage costs money. Money that the Finch family did not want to spend. They also bought some plants and spruced up the front yard a bit. They didn’t do much and you could definitely tell that they did it themselves instead of hiring a professional landscaper.

A few days later, they added a hallway and another room to the house. This room was going to be used as their activity room since they were running out of space in the living room. They put the treadmill, the art easel, the chess table, and the kids’ art table in this room. Lindsey’s books were really selling and they couldn’t help but blow all the money on home renovations. Lindsey wasn’t used to having money since she started out sleeping on a rusty cot. Would she take the spending too far and not be able to pay the bills? Would Maya get caught stealing and get expelled, or worse, have to pay back what she took?

Stay tuned to find out!

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