Sims 4

1st Generation, Chapter 5: A New Arrival

From this point on, all legacy posts will include pictures of the gameplay. Yay!

Lindsey decided that she wanted a makeover. She was older now but she still felt young at heart. And she was getting her young bod back from all the exercise she was doing.She put in some hair extensions and bought some new clothes! She was still a bit shy and didn’t want to draw too much attention to herself so she still tried to keep herself covered up.

Lindsey wasn’t the only one going through some changes. Juliette was going through a Bear phase. She HAD to be wearing a Bear suit at all times or else she would throw the biggest tantrums. She was even upset that she couldn’t wear the suit while taking a shower.

The Finch family felt like their family still wasn’t whole and that it was missing something…..a cat! Lindsey called the adoption agency to see what they had to offer but there weren’t any cats that really called out to her. So she decided to get out of her comfort zone and look for stray kitties. She didn’t have much success though and went home kittyless. She was pretty upset about it and went to bed to cry it out. She couldn’t even face the rest of her family at the dinner table.

Jay was now a pro esports gamer and so he spent a lot of his free time playing video game tournaments with his friends. Unfortunately his sense of style didn’t improve.

The next day, Lindsey decided to see what the adoption agency had to offer this time. This time she found a very cute kitten Majora that she just had to have. This kitten was going to be spoiled rotten. Lindsey went out and bought the fancy automated feeding bowl and the laser self-cleaning litter box as well as plenty of toys for the furball to play with. The Finch family felt whole again.

Lindsey dove back into her writing and didn’t stop writing until she felt like she mastered it. She wrote several poems about her family’s new arrival. The poems were a hit! Who knew people like media about cats so much?

She felt that her writing couldn’t improve anymore and wanted to focus on improving other skills. So she got back into painting. Majora wouldn’t leave Lindsey’s side and often curled up in a ball and took a cat nap while Lindsey focused on her painting.

The time for the twins to age up came shortly after. Lindsey made them a Confetti cake and had a little family party for the twins. It doesn’t look like their childhood lead the twins in the right direction either. Maya inspired to be the Chief of Mischief and gained the Insider trait. Juliette had romance on the brain and inspired to be a Serial Romancer and gained the Hot Headed trait. That will be interesting.

Immediately after aging up, they both decided they wanted makeovers to better fit their personalities.

Since Maya was a klepto, she didn’t want to draw attention to herself, therefore her wardrobe mainly consisted of black clothing.

SInce Juliette wanted to romance as many Sims as she could and her personality wasn’t going to help with that, her wardrobe consisted of tight and revealing clothing. If her bright shiny personality wasn’t going to attract others, her body sure would.

How will life be for the twins now that they are teenagers? Who will be the next heir? Keep an eye out for the next post to see what happens next!

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