Sims 4

1st Generation, Chapter 1: The Finch Family is Born

Starting this challenge, I had no intent on making a site and posting updates on my challenge. Because of this, I have no screenshots of the first half of my 1st generation. I will provide as much detail below about this undocumented section of my playthrough. You could also just watch my old VOD’s on Twitch if you care that much ;D

Instead of doing a regular start to a legacy challenge, and because I hate myself, I decided to do an “extreme” start to the challenge.

A regular legacy challenge start has you move to a 50×50 lot. This leaves you with just enough money to buy the Knight of the Octagon Table Suit of Armour decoration and start from scratch.

The extreme challenge has you move to a 64×64 lot. This leaves you with 8,000 simoleons. The knights table decoration cost 8,200 simoleons. You aren’t allowed to build or buy anything until you buy the Knight decoration. You have to do this before the first set of bills arrive.

More info on the legacy challenge can be found here

So, onto the actual legacy challenge!

I created my sim, Lindsey Finch, an aspiring antisocial poet.

Since we couldn’t buy or build anything until I came up with $200, we had Lindsey go to the park! She collected a few minerals and waited for someone to cook up some tofu dogs (seriously though, why do the randoms always cook up vegetarian food? I guess that IS considerate…).

After running around the entire park on a full belly, she now had enough money to buy the damn decoration. Yay! She was now broke… But had just enough money to start her painting career! One by one, painting by painting, she was able to afford all of her basic objects to fulfill her needs. She also started her career as a writer! Since she was broke af, she raised her writing skill by visiting the library. She did this until she got promoted and was given a computer! Wooo! The poem writing about her nonexistent love life begun…

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