Sims 4

1st Generation, Chapter 2: True Love

Welcome back to my legacy challenge! I hope you enjoyed the first part if you have read it, and if you didn’t read it….well that’s okay too. Also, a reminder that this is still before I wanted to do this site, therefore there aren’t any screenshots. Sorry!

Let’s get to it!

We left off with Lindsey getting her sick new computer to write her depressing love poems on. These poems left Lindsey wanting to establish a connection to another human being. Specifically male…and single. She started her mission of love off at the park but only came across married men. She went home defeated and got back into some painting (her paintings were a lot better than her poems).

The next day, she decided to hit the gym, run on the treadmill and keep a look out on some eye candy. She wasn’t having any better luck than the previous day. She kept running into douchebags (douchebags at the gym? Who would’ve known…) and of course, MARRIED MEN. She went to shower and accept her defeat. But as she walked out of the locker room, she ran into J Huntington (later changed to Jay). After some exchanges, she learned he was in the Tech Guru career track and he was single!

Lindsey was locked onto making Mr. Huntington her future husband. She found where Jay lived and decided to give him a visit. She found the courage to ask him to be her boyfriend, and he said yes! Things started getting steamy between them and although she originally wanted to save herself for marriage, that went right out the window when she crawled into his bed that night.

After spending some time with Jay and his roommates, she left to go to work and then worked on her painting and writing when she got home. She decided to invite Jay over and hang out. After Jay spending the night, they both knew what they had and felt for each other was true love. So they eloped right there in their jammies (that’s how eloping works right?)

After the ceremony, Jay moved in with Lindsey. They decided to expand their home a bit and have an actual closed off bathroom! The little shack now had 2 rooms! They were moving up in the world.

Not wanting to waste any more time, they decided to get right into the baby making. She then used that experience and wrote a new poem called “Poems for Baby Making Time” since she was now an expert. After some time, she discovered that she was pregnant! Wow, first try. Jay sure has some swimmers in him.

Now that a baby was on the way, the house needed to be expanded once more to make room for the baby. They threw up some walls and gave themselves their own bedroom! The place was starting to look more and more like a normal house.

After renovating, Lindsey received a big promotion at work. She could either become a journalist or an author. SInce she wanted to see her depressing erotic poems in bookstores and libraries everywhere, she chose the author path.

Some time has passed and Lindsey’s water broke! Lindsey and Jay travel to the hospital to not just deliver one baby, but TWO babies. Twin girls. They were name Maya and Juliette Finch. Thankfully when they got back home, they had enough money to make a small nursery for the twins. Also, fortunately the labor happened when it did since Lindsey was demanded back at work a few hours after giving birth. Since Lindsey is dedicated to her career and not so much her newborn babies, she jumped at the chance to earn money and get closer to her next promotion. Jay didn’t have to work and was able to tend to the babies.

After a couple days filled with TLC, the twins aged up into toddlers. What adventures await for Maya the Inquisitive and Juliette the Silly during their childhood????

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